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Your Org Doesn’t Actually Have a Succession Plan, Unless You Have These 3 Documents on File

Image by BOOM What are some items you keep around your house that you know you’ll probably never use? I confess, I’ve foolishly made a few purchases that will likely never see any action soon. ·      Sport coat – I live in Austin....

It’s Okay to Ask Someone at Work How They Are REALLY Doing

Image by Ayyub Jauro Something’s wrong. He’s been late to three out of five daily team standups this week. (He’s never late!) When someone on the Zoom call cracks a joke, he smiles, but not with his eyes. (He’s usually the ringleader of hilarity in your...

Two Numbers (and One Non-Number) HR Pros Should Always Present to the CFO When Making a Business Case

Image by Andrew Neel When the next budget cycle arrives, you know you’ll be making a pitch to the CFO for a large HR spend. You’ve done your homework. You’re selected the perfect vendor. You’ve run the ROI numbers, and even game-planned what the rollout would look...

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