Manager Catalyst

When You Give People The Right Tools, Your Culture Will Thrive

Regardless of how long they’ve been managing, most leaders have never been taught the foundational skills of leading teams and driving performance. The Emergent Execs Manager Catalyst℠ program is a highly-interactive, classroom-based course that delivers the frameworks and tools that bring confidence and competence to your first-time and mid-level managers.

Strengths of our
Manager Catalyst ℠  Program:


Sessions are 75 minutes at a time, day, and pace that is convenient for your schedule.  Stack them up in day-long seminars or spread them out over months. We offer in-person training at your company’s offices or via video conference.


From our library of management lessons, we work with you to choose the topics you want to emphasize; in a way that fits with your policies, goals, and personality.


 All of our facilitators have taught at a university level or are regarded as subject matter experts in the industry.


Participants leave every session with tools they will implement immediately.


We track participation in classroom discussion and homework and provide regular progress updates to their direct supervisor.

Not Boring!

We don’t lecture.  We don’t theorize.  We engage your managers in relevant conversations about how to lead in your company.

manager taking an online coarse

Choose the Right Tools for You!

Design a Course that Matches Your People! Cookie-cutter programs don’t speak the language of your business. We work with you to assess the training needs of your leaders, select the best modules from our extensive library and adapt them to your culture and unique challenges. Your leaders will feel like you crafted this program just for them.

Our Clients

Meet the Companies Who Have Trusted Our Work

Great companies recognize the value of investing in the development of their employees and understand that strong leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. These are some of the incredible entities who have asked us to lead the way:

Leadership Library

When you work with EmergentExecs, you get access to these high-impact modules that develop your managers into thriving leaders!

Moving from Peer to Manager

Navigate the transition from friend to leader.

Managing Outcomes in One-on-One Meetings

make it the most valuable meeting on their schedule.

Identifying and Developing Talent

Create a unique growth plan for everyone on your team.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

How to get to a good outcome when the stakes are high.

Managing Time and Priorities

Work every day with energy and focus.

Building Trust to Get Results

Create, maintain, or restore trust with just about anyone.

Using Metrics to Manage

Hold your team accountable without micromanaging.

Giving Performance Feedback

Share the real-time insights that make people better.

Interviewing and Onboarding

Identify the best candidate, set them up to win.

Manager as Coach

Help your people solve their own problemsl

Delegating vs. Dumping

Build initiative in your people to take on greater responsibility.

Plus, Dozens of More Topics

With an extensive library, we are also happy to create new content of you.

“Emergent Execs are an important partner to us. Their Manager Catalyst offering is an excellent program that we’ve been able to implement globally. Ted  & Monica are knowledgeable, flexible, and very responsive.”

– Samantha W, Silicon Labs

 “We worked with EE to build a program that would address our specific challenges, engage our managers, and deliver what they needed – from tactical competencies to best practices. Our first cohort, included our entire leadership team, from the CEO to our line supervisors.”

– Lexi J, SecureLink

“Each session introduced concepts, strategies, and workable tools to help my people be more effective and confident managers and leaders.”

– Bailey G, Texas Facilities Commisison

“As a successful yet amateur executive, I recognize the limitations I pose to my business. Through the work with EE, I’m gaining the tools, structure, and accountability required to push through such barriers, toward the great potential of my venture.”

– Eddie V,    WellnessFi 

“We led an extensive process to identify the right coaching organization for our fast growth organization. Emergent Execs proved to be the right choice – they had a proven curriculum but were willing to customize and adapt the classroom conversation to address specific challenges we were facing at that point in time. Additionally their expertise in facilitating conversations with all levels made an impact on the business itself and how talent worked together to meet organizational goals and objectives.”

– Lauren P,  CLS Partners

“The best part of the classroom experience is being together with other leaders who share similar challenges. I’ve made great friends and business connections, and I feel that I have an
added support system.”

– Michelle S,  RetailMeNot

 “I loved the classroom experience and getting the opportunity to hear from other leaders in the tech space. Meeting with my coach helped me bring the learnings from the classroom back to work and apply them to my role.”

– Olga K, Indeed

 “I loved the classroom experience and getting the opportunity to hear from other leaders in the tech space. Meeting with my coach helped me bring the learnings from the classroom back to work and apply them to my role.”

– Olga K, Indeed

 “The coaching relationship took the classroom teaching and pressed it into my daily habits. My coach was relentless, yet kind in her approach, helping me squeeze out the bad to make room for a more thoughtful approach toward teamwork and accountability.”

– Kevin L,TengoInternet

 “Over the course of my coaching engagement, I’ve grown in step-functions, making big improvements in short periods of time across a number of areas: professional confidence/presence, leadership/general management, communication, prioritization, etc.”

– Nicole T, Spiceworks

 “EE classes validated that I am more than capable of taking bold next steps in my career.  The organizational and personnel challenges causing major frustration were real — and there
were actions I could take to overcome them.”

– Mark P, Velocity Electronics