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 “The Accelerator program helped me tremendously in sharpening my management skills. I loved the classroom experience and getting the opportunity to hear from other leaders in the tech space. Meeting with my coach helped me bring the learnings from the classroom back to work and apply them to my role.”

– Olga K, Indeed

“The individualized coaching sessions were a 1,2 punch that complemented the class time so well! My coach, Karen Markham, was poignant, professional, and encouraging throughout the entire Accelerator process. Not only did she provide me with managerial strategies I was able to implement immediately, she also devoted time to discussing my personal and professional goals. Karen never lost sight of the fact that a person’s identity is not limited to their business card.”

– Lara K, Brainiac

 “I attended the Accelerator program to learn more about how to think strategically about rapidly growing a global team. Since attending, I have increased the size of my team from 20 people to over 75. The Socratic method used in the classroom, in conjunction with the individualized coaching sessions, helped me design a detailed, personalized action plan. I enjoyed the opportunities to engage with my peers in the classroom and establish relationships that will last
well beyond the program.”

– Renee T, Indeed

“We led an extensive process to identify the right coaching organization for our fast growth organization. Emergent Execs proved to be the right choice – they had a proven curriculum but were willing to customize and adapt the classroom conversation to address specific challenges we were facing at that point in time. Additionally their expertise in facilitating conversations with all levels made an impact on the business itself and how talent worked together to meet organizational goals and objectives.”

– Lauren P,  CLS Partners

“Simply put, the Accelerator program was both humbling and encouraging. I was humbled by the caliber of my cohort (and that I had obvious skill gaps to fill), then encouraged by the practical tools Ted walked us through in class. Well worth the investment!”

– Kevin L, Tengointernet 

“The curriculum has something for everyone, and the is in an easily digested format that reinforces all the key learning points with books, case studies, and in-class experiences that help to solidify the learning process and drive home the message of the month.”

– Mike P,    ARXFit