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    Who is the future of your company?

    Homegrown talent makes sense. Cultivating your leadership bench by training promising employees leads to a continuous people advantage. Talent management, however, requires more intentionality than merely piling more work onto high achievers.

Emergent Execs – Your firm’s plan for preparing and promoting young talent

Emergent Execs is a multi-month, group-based executive training program that combines the rigor of an MBA classroom with the personalized development of business coaching. Through case-based learning, emergent talent from your company will master core business and leadership frameworks that drive performance.

Four Solutions for Building Your Leadership Bench and Company’s Future


Polish your junior executives and prepare them for future GM and C-Suite roles.


Train your frontline leaders to excel with basic management skills.


Pass on key relationships, competencies and institutional knowledge to future executives.


Train any employee anywhere in the world at any time using our blended learning platform.